Do Health Insurance Cover Rare Diseases?

Yes, it does. When you issue a health insurance policy under your address, make sure you claim the provision of coverage to rare diseases.

Life insurance after divorce

Divorces are pretty disastrous, but even more when it comes to discussing life insurance after divorce. While you set your mind on...

Where do you need travel insurance for?

Everywhere is the answer to where do you need travel insurance for. But some countries are particularly specific about it.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

It is a type of insurance that covers zealous travelers, who do not wish to sit at home and travel the world instead. While you can...

Why to buy a long-term policy for car insurance?

Life is not predictable, nor is the expense of car damage. You’d probably require a good (if not a truckload) to repair the car parts.

Public Liability Insurance

The Public Liability Insurance Act was introduced to make sure the industry/company owners took insurance that would cover the expenses/compensation...

Why do you need travel medical insurance?

You wish to travel the world but do not know why do you need travel medical insurance. The reasons are here.

Why you should timely re-evaluate family insurance plans?

It is important to timely re-evaluate your family insurance plan because the more you’d fall behind, you’d have to catch up more.

7 Factors to consider when buying health insurance

This COVID period has made people realise two things- the importance of family and the importance of health insurance. The first requires...

What does bumper to bumper car insurance cover?

Having a bumper to bumper car insurance cover is essential when you buy a brand new car. If anything happens to your car, the company...

LIC SIIP: Review

LIC dominates the insurance industry, undoubtedly! But that wasn’t enough as LIC has introduced LIC SIIP with its benefits and charges...