Why do you need travel medical insurance?

You wish to travel the world but do not know why do you need travel medical insurance. The reasons are here.

Why do you need travel medical insurance?
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Why do you need travel medical insurance when you are travelling to your dream destination? You wish to travel the world, take a break, and relax from the daily routine. But, many-a-times, you forget very important things that you need to take care of.

Ever wondered what would happen if you fall sick (all of a sudden, obviously). Would you be able to pay the amount incurred at the hospital? Did you think this would happen? This anxious phase can be skipped if you’ve gotten travel medical insurance with you. 

But, what is travel medical insurance? A travel medical insurance is a type of insurance, compiled under travel insurance, which covers your expenses during any sudden illness, or an attack of any chronic illness. 

There are a ton of reasons as to why do you need this insurance, and the major and important are listed below:

1. It covers emergency medical expenses that you might incur during the trip. It might be a slight leg sprain or probably a cold (one that you’d be unprepared for).

2. What would happen if you encounter an unfortunate accident while walking down the beautiful lanes of Paris? Your insurance would cover the expense under the personal accident criteria.

3. If you are supposedly in the hotel room, and suddenly experience a sharp pain shooting in your right leg, you’d require an ambulance to the hospital. In the US, one ambulance ride would cost $1189, which is 88,925 in Indian rupees. This would be covered under medical evacuation in your travel insurance.

4. Imagine you are at a cute local ice cream parlour, and obviously enjoying your ice cream sundae. After a bite or two, pain starts sliding in and out. You brush it off thinking it as a simple reaction to ice cream, but the pain does not subside even after nighttime. This is when your travel medical insurance would help with dental treatment.

Just like you require insurance for yourself here in your homeland, similarly if you wish that your bucket-list-wish-trip to Bora-Bora or Amsterdam does not keep you hanging with no money for medical emergencies. Make sure that you buy one before you travel abroad. 

Now that you know why do you need travel medical insurance, read our next article to know which countries require travel insurance from tourists.