Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

A fixed deposit is a low-risk financial product that allows investors to increase their money by paying a fixed rate of interest that is greater than savings account rates. The simplicity of investing, along with the security of your deposit, can make it easier to prepare for your short- and long-term financial objectives.
At Bajaj Finance Limited, you can get attractive FD interest rates up to 6.75% to assist you in increasing your funds and achieving your objectives An end-to-end paperless investing procedure allows you to invest in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit from the convenience of your own home.

Did you know?
Bajaj Finance is now offering interest rates up to 6.50% for non-senior citizens and an additional 0.25% rate benefit for senior citizens. What's more, online investors can avail of an additional rate benefit of 0.10% (not applicable to senior citizens).

Features and benefits of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

Interest rate Ranging from 5.65% to 6.75%
Minimum tenor 1 year
Maximum tenor 1 year
Deposit amount Minimum deposit of Rs. 25,000
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